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10 pieces of Magic Label™, the URL configurable QR code preprinted sticker.

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Magic Label™, the URL configurable QR code preprinted sticker.

Size: 2cm x 2cm

Net: 10 pieces.

What is this

Magic Label™ is a newly invented pre-printed QR code sticker you can set the URL to see at scanning as you like. Just stick this on wherever you like, and set the URL to see at scanning, you can put a QR code on anywhere you like to see any URL you like. Previously you needed to make a QR code sticker with a bothering Label Printer, but now just having Magic Label™ is enough to use a QR code sticker in the easiest way.

How it works

Magic Label™ is the pre-printed QR code label sticker that the URL is linking to a web application as follows:

  • At the first scan, you can set the URL to jump.
  • At the second scan or later, you will see the URL you've set above.

On the First Scan, jump to the page to set the URL.

On the second or later scan, jump to the URL you've set as an ordinary QR code.

Demonstration of How to work

A demonstration of "How to work" is available here. You can try it until you can get understood how it works.

For more detail

Please refer to our site.

Patent notice

The related patent is registered with the Japanese Patent Office.

Magic Label™ samples

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