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DIY Gaeilge: 150 Online Irish Language Resources

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Finding Irish language resources can be hard.

I’ve been there and I hear you. The online world is so huge that it can be utterly overwhelming to figure out where to go and what even to look for.

This is the only eBook you will need to get kickstarted on your Irish language journey. I got you! 😊

This isn’t just your boring standard top 10 resources list, this is a list of a whopping 150 Irish Language resources, all online, categorised, organised, and most importantly as of writing, all free.

PLEASE NOTE: This eBook was written in 2021 and is NOT formatted for the Kindle.

Here are just some of the things you will find in DIY Gaeilge: 150 Irish Language Resources

  • grammar resources
  • online courses
  • dictionaries
  • pronunciation guides
  • fascinating cultural studies
  • blogs
  • audiobooks
  • films
  • online communities
Suitable for beginners, relearners, or fluent speakers, this eBook of 150 resources is a reminder that there are plenty of great ways you can use and enhance your Irish every day.

Whether you’re in Ireland or abroad, whatever your standard of Irish is, this eBook is for everyone!

About me – Fúm Héinig

Haigh! Is mise Úna-Minh Chaomhánach and I’m an Irish speaker from Co. Kerry in Ireland. I do my best to speak and use Gaelainn Chorca Dhuibhne (the west Kerry dialect).

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Irish and Journalism from Dublin City University, I was the Irish Language Ambassador for Culture Night in 2020, and my first book ‘Anseo’ about the Irish language, Irish identity, and childhood was published in 2019. I’m also a member of the TG4 Audience Committee and live-stream in Irish under the moniker, ‘Yunitex’. I spearheaded the Irish language translation of Among Us with a team in 2021 and still manage the current team.

I’m a multimedia content creator and you can find me on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and more creating Irish language (Gaeilge) content.
You will get a PDF (8MB) file

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What people are saying about DIY Gaeilge

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To be honest, am happy to pay the full price as the work you do is worth it in my opinion. Have enjoyed following you over the last few years. I also loved your leabhar, Anseo. Recently my Maaa started reading it and is thoroughly enjoying it.

— Sadhbh K

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This book is an invaluable lifeline for anyone learning Irish in the age of the internet and is one of the most concise, detailed, and complete collection of resources I have seen for any language.

— Declan Forster

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Sábhálfaidh sé an t-uafás ama ort agus ligfidh sé duit tosú ag foghlaim láithreach! Is fiú gach pingin é seo, agus beidh mé á mholadh do gach duine a thagann chugam ag lorg eolais faoi fhoghlaim na Gaeilge ar líne.

— Ciara Ní É

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Bought this excellent compilation of resources and links relating to various online Irish Language resources. Great to have these resources in one place, with instant links.

— Seán Mór Ó D

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Acmhainn den scoth! For anyone looking to get stuck into Irish, this is an incredible resource, I highly recommend. Fair play to Úna-Minh for putting this all together.

— Ó RⲁᵹhⲁՆՆⲁıᵹh

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For anyone learning or re-learning Irish (mise!), this e-book is a great resource! Well worth the price to have an expert gather all the resources for you!

— Daryl Feehely

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This is great! I had to stop my very casual class a few years ago, and haven't got back into it. Just bought this, so now I have no excuse. Thanks for all the hard work!

— Kevin

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Just what I need. It seems like good value for money so I just bought it. Been struggling for years with my Irish and I am pretty reliant on online resources here in Denmark.

— Denis Canty

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As someone who is entirely new to learning Irish (and languages in general), this book is so valuable to me. The way Úna-Minh presents her resources is so accessible and easy to dip in and out of. It makes for such an enjoyable and motivating read. Thanks so much for putting this together!

— Sarah T