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Model Castings

Model Castings

This course consists of eight sections and 16 lessons plus a bonus.

It covers the different kind of castings, what you need to do to be prepared, what NOT to do, how to behave at a casting call and concludes with hints and tips.

Suitable for those just starting out or those who have been in the industry awhile and are always eager to learn more and increase their chances of booking that job..

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Model Castings


Course curriculum


Introduction Video

Open Casting Call Video Footage

Section 1: What is a Casting Call?

Lesson 1: What is a Casting Call?

Lesson 2: What is an Agency Only Model Casting?

Lesson 3: What is an Open Casting?

Lesson 4: What is a Scouting Call?

Section 2: What to Expect at a Casting Call

Lesson 5: Every casting call is different

Section 3: How to Prepare for a Casting Call

Lesson 6: What does the client want?

Lesson 7: Check the Criteria

Section 4: Comp Cards & Portfolios

Lesson 8: What is a Comp Card?

Lesson 9: Comp Card Template

Lesson 10: What is a Portfolio?

Lesson 11: Do I get it back?

Section 5: The Casting Call

Lesson 12: Registration Desk

Lesson 13: The waiting game

Lesson 14: This is a job interview

Section 6: How do I know?

Lesson 15: Did I get the job?

Section 7: What's wrong with me?

Lesson 16: Why didn't I get the job?

Bonus: Positive Body Image

A few words on Body Image

Link to a FREE hypnotherapy audio download for Positive Body Image