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Connecticut Freight Prospecting Database

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Connecticut Freight Prospecting Database

It's highly recommended you purchase TruckersU Freight Prospecting Method eBook to use along with these databases

The Art of Finding Direct Shipper Freight
How to have shippers ask to buy your hauling services.

Our Freight Prospecting Method supplies you the tools to locate direct shippers needing freight hauled, then getting listed on their approved carrier list.

Each Database provides the necessary information to start your research on a potential shipper. Keep in mind the information within the database needs to be verified by starting with a web search for the company to collaborate the information from the database. Shipper information is very fluid, meaning companies change location, ownership, management. Or they can be acquired by other companies or go out of business altogether.

As a small or micro-carrier you need just a few very reliable shippers, so by following the Freight Prospecting Method and utilizing your selected state's database, with some perseverance, you will find the shippers willing to place you on their Approved Carrier list. Then as an Approved Carrier, shippers will call you to haul their freight within your dedicated lanes.

The following information on each company is listed in the Database:
Company Name
Zip Code
Phone Number
Annual Revenue
Type of Industry
Number of Employees
Generic Email Address.

Start your Freight Prospecting today and you'll have the Direct Shipper Freight you need to bring you the success you desire.
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