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Remembering faith when plans fail

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A book on identifying where our faith really lies and why  joy is lacking in the lives of some Christians.

Happiness is a feeling but Joy is spiritual. Most people claim to know God but they are sad in their lives for prolonged periods. They forget that ‘Righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Ghost that is the Kingdom of God’

 when people come to God, they must be prepared to trust God and to learn His ways, His timing and perfect organisation. when this timing clashes with our timing, most people become sad.

Remembering faith is a book that talks about the need for our utmost dependability on God and his timing for us, we must be prepared to rejoice even in our adversity.

Asking ourselves, where does our faith lie? is it in success or miracles? This book focuses on how Christians should read the word of God in the bible and advises us to act on  what the word says and wait patiently even when we don't see results immediately.

many Christians spend years in sorrows while they are waiting yet they forget what is written in the scriptures ‘weeping May endure for a night, joy comes in the morning’.
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