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Money of a Rebel Bootcamp by WordOfaRebel

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I'm not some slick talking social media icon. I'm a regular normal person who came from ZERO and found a way.

I went from a minimum wage income to being a real estate investor with a 700 credit score and a growing savings account and investment portfolio. 

This is for the ones in the Struggle and for the ones who aren't struggling but feel Stuck. I work as a credit consultant and a real estate agent but before I became an agent, I faced what many of you have: student loans, that paycheck-to-paycheck life, single parent, and trying to build my own business and still take care of Me in the process. 

This is a collection of a few of my my Best Principles and Strategies that got me where I am today. I'm not finished with my Process but I'm well on my way, and my goal is to help as many others as I can along the way.
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