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For 10 Years I've Been Showing Frustrated Gym-Goers How to Go From "Average" or "No Progress in the Gym"  to Building a Well Sculpted Aesthetic Physique Using Old School Bodybuilding Training Methods.

My name is Pete Khatcherian and my purpose in the bodybuilding/fitness community is simple:

To bring back old school, time tested bodybuilding methods that help build classic, well developed phsiques.

My clients aren't just going to the gym, doing a typcial "bro split" and severely underachieving at building thier goal phsyique - We are progressivly building more muscle, getting stronger, and reaching new goals every month/year through proper moderate/high volume, high frequncy training. 

Let's Identifiy some key principles of Old School Bodybuilding Training:
Using Moderate/High Training Volumes to Progressivly Overload/Build Muscle
Focusing on Building Strength 
Using a Higher Freqncy Approach By Training Muscle Groups 2-3x Per Week
Focusing on Building a Quality Phique, Not Just Gaining Junk Bodyweight
How Are We Doing This?

This custom workout plan is based off of old school bodybuilding methods and training techniques.

Upon reviewing your physique, the plan will be created to work on your weak points specifically with the goal to get you to achieve a classic old school bodybuilding physique!

The plan will include an exact weekly routine (based on your availability to train) exact sets and reps, exercise techniques and methods.

Nutrition and cardio recommendations will also be included and tailored based on your goals.

We will continue to check in on a weekly basis to insure constant progression.

Upon purchase, please download the questionnaire to get started!

You are singing up for the initial start up consultation and program creation. This program will cover you for the first 3 months of training. Once you are set up with your plan, coaching will be paid for on a monthly basis at $200/month.

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