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Finding Your Way 2

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Adventures with notes, rhythm and technique exploring the white keys in Middle C position, for pianists who have been learning for a little while. Leads up to the standard of Piano Pictures For Beginners 1.

See the featured YouTube videos for samples of some of the pieces.

Introduction for teachers:

Finding Your Way is an educational piano series which aims to build confidence in note-reading and encourage the development of good technique and musicianship. The overall concept is that each piece of music is like a journey, and learning music itself is a great adventure. New ideas are introduced very gradually, taking a ‘one step at a time’ approach. All the material is original, so the series can be used alongside other piano methods if desired. Finding Your Way 2 is suitable for a wide range of ages.

Finding Your Way 2 builds on the previous volume, moving on to explore all of the white keys in Middle C position. Dynamics are introduced, with a little bit of piano history to explain why the soft dynamic has the same name as the instrument. Melodic and harmonic intervals are covered in some detail. In a couple of pieces, octave transposition is suggested (but not shown in the notation). Ties are introduced, but note values are kept very simple, with nothing shorter than crotchets (quarter notes).

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