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Discover Your Brand Values

Your values are at the core of all you do.

Share your beliefs out loud and drawn the right people to you, effortlessly.

Your values are at the heart of all you do.

"Many companies claim they have core values, but typically what they're referring to are generic beliefs: having integrity, making a profit, responding to customers and so on. These values only have meaning when they're defined in terms of how people behave and are ranked to set priorities." -Ken Blanchard

Your core values are literally at the heart of all you do. They help you live in alignment with yourself and with your ideal customers. You can't afford to get this part wrong. Luckily, help is here.

Here's What You'll Learn

A Peek Inside:

  • How core values help shape your brand
  • Why they matters so much
  • 4 powerful exercises to help you zero in on your own, unique core values
  • Core Value frameworks to help you craft your own statements, the right way. 
  • Strength assessment to make sure it's going to stand the test of time. 
  • How to put them to work and help you flawlessly attract like-minded buyers.
  • And so much more

What's Included

  • 24 course modules
  • a beautiful 30+ page fillable PDF workbook
  • tips and formulas to help you craft your own unique values
  • printable worksheets
  • 25+ years of brand strategy insights

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