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Kemetic Reiki Level 2 Online (11 part series)

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Become a certified Kemetic Reiki practitioner in our Kemetic Reiki level 2  Online class.  Level 2 will give you tools to heal yourself  and others using natural techniques.  Level 2 will also give you tools to assist you in setting up your business as a Kemetic Reiki practitioner. Learn valuable tools to heal yourself and family using energy, colors, Spirit Guides, symbols and more. This is an opportunity to take Level 2 class in your own home via class recordings.  After you view the classes and feel ready you can schedule your virtual attunement.  Level 2 book is not included.  To purchase the book visit:
Tuition covers over 10+ hours of recordings.
You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (164MB)
  • MP4 (134MB)
  • MP4 (258MB)
  • MP4 (168MB)
  • MP4 (242MB)
  • MP4 (375MB)
  • MP4 (114MB)
  • MP4 (210MB)
  • MP4 (159MB)
  • MP4 (172MB)
  • MP4 (115MB)
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