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SpoCompton Series, Books 1-3

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Books #1-3 in the SpoCompton Series

This box set contains the first three books in the SpoCompton series!

① At Their Own Game: Jake Stankovic has been flying below the radar for years, dealing safely in stolen property crime with his two-man crew. But times are tough, so he decides to step up to the big money with a drug deal. Everything that can go wrong, does. The deal goes bad, a vengeful detective sets his sights on Jake, one of his crew might be a turncoat, and a woman from a long past affair suddenly reappears. All of this would be complicated enough on its own, but for Jake, it's even worse.

The woman is the detective's ex-wife.

And Jake Stankovic used to be a cop.

Now Jake must face new problems and old vendettas in an all-in proposition with lives on the line. He has to find a way to get his money back, keep the girl, and beat everyone involved... At Their Own Game.

② In the Cut: Boone has been prospecting with the Iron Brotherhood outlaw motorcycle gang for almost a year, trying to earn his patch with the club. When a simple muscle job goes terribly wrong, his world changes forever. He is quickly plunged deeper into a world of drug and intimidation, and the lines between right and wrong blur. The bonds of brotherhood that he forges with other members clash with the dark actions they take. His girlfriend, Faith, represents a danger of another kind, but Boone can’t stop himself where she is concerned, either.

When someone closest to him dies, and rampant rumors of a rat in the clubhouse puts everyone in danger, Boone comes to learn what it really means to live his life…In the Cut.

Authors note: A “cut” is that leather vest that outlaw motorcycle gang members wear. It usually has a rocker on the back with the club name and city/region.

③ All the Pieces Fall: George “Mase” Masaryk knows about secrets. He has a few of his own, including the reason he left the police department. The son of Czechoslovak hippies, his life has been a strange journey from rebel to cop to private investigator.

It is a path his parents would have never have chosen for him.

One full of secrets and regrets.

He is mulling over those secrets when businessman Andrew McDonough sits down next to him at the bar and the pair start drinking heavily. McDonough eventually asks Mase to help him with some “women problems.” It is a request Mase doesn’t even remember the next day, only recalling the foggy memory when Faye McDonough, Andrew’s wife, shows up at his office to hire him.

Faye wants him to find McDonough, who is now missing. She doesn’t know if he’s run off with a lover, been kidnapped, or is dead somewhere, expecting Mase to find out for her. But as he delves into the twisting secrets that surround Andrew McDonough, Mase encounters more questions than answers. All the questions are dangerous ones and if he’s going to survive to learn the truth, he needs to figure out that one fact that will make all the pieces fall into place…

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