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“Yellow daisy, a dandelion, or pussy willow, it’s a different thing … One thing about forsythia, she comes around and I get lost, against her yellow, I’m no longer me.” ‘Forsythia’, Veruca Salt, American Thighs, 1994

Forsythia, magnolia, daffodils, crocus, cherry blossom … all signs that spring* is here, or at least on its way. These plants regenerate every year; they lie dormant through the winter (or so it seems) and in the spring they bloom again, just like last year. This process of regrowth combines the familiar with the new: these plants regrow every year, which is familiar to us, and yet each time they do this they are producing new buds, flowers and leaves.

This spring, join me on a knitting adventure where we’ll knit something anew, merging the familiar with the unfamiliar to create a fresh spring-inspired shawl. Combine colours that are new to you with those you’re accustomed with to knit a beautiful shawl using well-known techniques alongside a unique construction. Make anew.

Originally published as part of the Shawl Saturday Collection in 2019: five seasonal shawl patterns for just £13. Find out more here

Make Anew is knitted in three sections beginning with the middle portion, which features stripes of textured lace alternated with garter stitch. As well as being very moreish to knit, this striped patterning results in a beautiful scalloped edge along the midpoint of the shawl.
Along one edge of this first section, stitches are picked up to begin the shawl’s second part, which is a garter stitch portion. This relaxing segment is transected by gorgeous columns of slipped stitches, with a decreasing stitch count, which finishes in a elegant point.
Lastly, stitches are picked up along the remaining side of section one, and worked in stripes once more. This last section is a comfortable knit, as the stripes not only create a pleasing mirrored effect with the initial section, but the repetition of the patterning is so familiar as to become an easy-going knit. The finishing touch is added with a simple edging worked along both long sides of the shawl.

Bear in Sheep’s Clothing, Bear Cozy (4ply/fingering-weight; 400m/437m per 100g; 100% fine Falkland Merino)
2 skeins in Spectral (MC) and 1 skein in Prosita (CC)

3.75 mm / US 5 needles circular or straight, five lockable stitch markers

17 sts x 27 rows = 10 cm in Garter stitch after blocking

one size - see schematic in photos for details

chart (and written equivalents)
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