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Digesting Dairy: The World's Best Complete Food

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Digesting Dairy: The World's Best Complete Food is the ultimate handbook for improving gut health to enjoy wholesome, nutrient-rich dairy foods. This 67-page educational ebook discusses the unmatched nutrient density of dairy foods, addresses the many potential causes of lactose intolerance, the benefits of different types of dairy foods, and what nutrients we need to optimise digestion in order to efficiently absorb, assimilate, and utilise the nutrients in all the foods we eat, beyond dairy!

An essential aspect of optimal health is pleasure and enjoyment of the food we consume. You do not have to be drinking a gallon of raw milk a day to be healthy, but when you’re strolling the warm, balmy streets of Rome and want to enjoy a creamy gelato, share a delicious slice of meaty, cheesy pizza in Bosnia, sip on a mango lassi in the hubbub of Mumbai, or simply have a cheeseburger at your local burger joint, all without any uncomfortable, smelly, stomach-churning symptoms, this guide can help you overcome gut issues and food fears that are impeding your dairy heaven happiness.

Good digestion is the cornerstone to good health. But, unsure on where to begin? This ebook has 3 parts. Part One discusses the nutrients in dairy foods, the causes of lactose intolerance, A1 and A2 dairy, diagnostic testing, and much more. Part Two is the instructional guide on introducing dairy and building lactose tolerance in three phases. Phase One includes detailed recommendations on improving gut health, Phase Two consists of specific dairy foods to start including (links are provided as a guide on which products to purchase/look out for). Phase Three is about consuming cow's milk specifically. This section also includes dairy-based supplements (such as casein and colostrum) and supplements for aiding dairy digestibility. Lastly, Part Three focuses on busting sensationalist myths about dairy foods (such as 'dairy is bad for health because it contains oestrogen') and instructions on where/how to purchase supplements (taking supplements is absolutely not necessary for enhancing dairy digestion; recommendations are provided as a guide and an additional support if required).

This ebook is not suitable for those with a diagnosed dairy allergy. This ebook is for educational purposes only. It does not diagnose, claim to treat any medical condition, or replace the advice of a qualified doctor. It is your responsibility to inform your doctor and/or nutritional therapist of any nutritional and supplements changes you make to avoid any undesirable outcomes, especially if you are using any medications.

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