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Equinox Globe Animated Gif

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This animated globe gif is perfect for using in blog and social media posts to highlight any equinox at either equinox point in the year.

The design features the Word Equinox in hand-drawn capitals, the "O" of which is a rotating globe.

You'll also receive a licence file with this image which allows you to use it:

-In any personal or non-commercial project,
-In any website, or business project where you personally own or created
that business or project, provided that this image isn't sold "as is," but
only as a part of your own creativity.

The £0+ price is my latest experiment-pay what you want for it, including nothing. (all credit and links back are extraordinarily welcome though ;-).

Finally-of course the file which you receive will be free from the "" watermark in the above image.

Hope this helps and that you enjoy using this gif!.
You will get the following files:
  • GIF (290KB)
  • TXT (962B)
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