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The Brook Besor: For those who must Tarry at Home. (1879)

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This Annotated PDF version of The Brook Besor [1879] is one of the selections in Strait Gate Publications' Annotated Theological Library, G. Wm. Foster, Jr., Ed. Copyright 2017 by Strait Gate Publications, Charlotte, NC.

Have circumstances made it so you are unable to attend the public ministry of the Word of God as often as you once did and wished now you could. Are you a retired Pastor, Missionary, Sunday School Teacher, Seminary / Bible College Professor, or Christian Worker? Does Retirement, Old Age, a Physical Infirmity of short or long term duration, serving as a Caregiver, Work Schedule, a recent change of Geographical Location (now living in a far country, state or place with little to no place available to attend Gospel Worship, due to employment, military, incarceration, etc.), or some other circumstance hinder your involvement in public Christian worship and work?

If you have reached a moment in your life where you feel useless to the cause of Christ, or even a burden upon the time and resources of God's people, then The Brook Besor was written just for you! Andrew Bonar gathered some Bible illustrations and principles to provide "Words for those who must Tarry at Home." His desire is to highlight the care, concern and love which Christ has for "each individual member of [His Church]." These words were written "for the lonely ones of God's people,—the sick, the weak, the obscure; . . . those of God's family who may often think themselves overlooked, and who often fancy themselves useless in the Church."

In six short chapters Dr. Bonar examines, explains and applies precious encouragement, lucid insight and a godly perspective to all of God's people who lament that they cannot "do more" to serve the Lord in their present circumstances compared to former times. Those who have had to "slow down", for whatever reason, from the pace and places where they once were perspicuously active, will find this little work to be indispensably profitable to their souls.

This reset, modernized format version was published in 2017 and contains a Glossary section prepared for and included in this digital version. It is internally linked for maximum maneuverability within the document.
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