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To You With Love

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To you with love is an illustrated short story whose theme revolves around extrajudicial killings. It's a story that shows the pain caused to citizens. It's a story that shows why people need to find a way to end extrajudicial Killngs. 


Dear Licepo,
“Today, we lay our son, brother, and friend to rest…,” Said the priest. I
tuned his voice out as I turned to look at my mother whose eyes were red from
crying. She looked so sad that at the time, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find
a trace of the loud, ever smiling woman that raised us. I sigh because I understand
that she thinks it’s all her fault. If you ask how I came to this conclusion, well, I
overheard her tell Aunty Linet that if only she hadn’t fallen ill that night, Martin
would still be alive. I disagree with mama. Martin didn’t have to die that night but
from what we all saw, regardless of whether mama fell ill or not, this would have
happened to him eventually. I mean, you too would agree with me if I told you what
happened that night.

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