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God's Goodness When You Fail

Bible Reading Plan

Have you ever struggled with a deep inner conflict because of a circumstance or as a result of careless words?

You might have thought that you had victory over a past sin or mistakes you've made in life. Then all in a moment the joy in Jesus you'd learned to experience vanishes and all those memories resurface.

Your mind has so much power over your thinking and thoughts can cause you to spiral into a black hole. You go down deeper and deeper as Satan uses the situation to speak lies into your heart.

Yes, you may have done something sinful in your past, or maybe not. Sometimes others in your life slander you instead of encouraging and uplifting you in your walk with Christ.

Most women care about their reputation with relatives, friends, and acquaintances. Negative thoughts can swirl around in our heads as we rehash and rehash the spoken words someone said to us. 

Do you care about those you hurt in the past? Do you struggle with guilt and shame even though you've confessed your sin a million times to Jesus?

Thing is, there isn't one single thing 'good enough' about anyone. Not even one!

You might often hear the phrase 'You Are Enough' but thing is that YOU ARE NOT!


He died on the cross for your sins and that is ENOUGH. FINAL. IT WAS ENOUGH.

If you have asked his forgiveness, no matter what others think of you, it is time to FORGIVE YOURSELF.

What that means is that if your parents, or friends, or sister, or brother, or saddest of all, your children . . . cannot let go of the mistakes and sin you have done, FORGIVE YOURSELF.

Through these verses, I'm encouraging you to walk in the GOODNESS of GOD. He is good all the time and he can work miracles in your relationships with others.

Even the ones who are not forgiving you need God's forgiveness too. For all have sinned. 

These verses are for you.

I encourage you to read them, copy them out, draw about them, and put them where you will see them often as you work through RENEWING YOUR MIND.

As I am struggling with some issues that resurfaced, I put together these verses so I can have victory over satan's attempt to derail my ministry because I feel I'm not good enough.

It's not me that's good enough but God is GOOD ENOUGH and he is living in and through me. He gets the glory for these verses if they are encouraging to you!! 


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