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Smart Profiles are advanced products that support architects to speed up their work. Instead of spending hours drawing, a click in a blink will bring you everything you want. This will save you a lot of time and effort. Free product for testing:

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* Address: 125 Trung Kinh str., Cau Giay dis., Hanoi, Vietnam

Our commitment:
+ No limitation on the number of computers for use
+ One-time payment
+ Lifetime usage
+ Free installation support via Teamviewer
+ Lifetime warranty
+ Compatible with Sketchup 2016 and later versions
+ Compatible with Sketchup on Windows and Mac
+ 100% money back if any of the claimed features is proven false
+ Please study FAQs carefully before purchase

Smart Profile For Sketchup (FAQs / User guide)

1. What is this plugin? How can this be done?
What you are seeing (we are selling) is a combination of:
2. What version of Sketchup can be used with Profile Builder 3?
  • Profile Builder 3 can be used with Sketchup versions from 2016 and up.
  • By default, the files are 2019 version. Almost of them are converted to older-versions (2016 to 2018). In case you can not find the older-version files in the download packet, please ask us to convert them for you.
  • If you have any problems with your files, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you soon.
3. How do I get the Profile Builder 3 plugin?

This is a plugin for Sketchup of Mind.Sight.Studio. Therefore we do not sell it. You can download this plugin (rbz file) here.
However, you cannot use this plugin without the license key. There are 2 ways to get the license key of Profile Builder:
  • Buy permanent license key for $79 here.
  • Try the free and full-featured 30-day trial here. After 30 days, a new email can be used to register for another 30 days trial. Completely Free.
4. I have already downloaded Profile Builder 3. How do I install it now?
  • You should read the information below carefully, besides, you can watch more installation instructions video at:
  • If you have followed all the instructions and still have not installed, then I can assist you through TeamViewer. Please contact Facebook Page SmartProfile4Sketchup for support.
  • In SketchUp, select Window > Extension Manager. The Extension Manager window appears.
  • Click the Install Extension button.
  • In the Open dialog box that appears, navigate to the .rbz file saved to your computer, select the file, and click OK (Microsoft Windows) or Open (Mac OS X).
  • When SketchUp warns you about installing only extensions from trusted sources, click Yes to proceed and install your extension. (This assumes you do, in fact, trust the source of your extension.)
  • After installation, you need to enter the license key number. You go to: Extensions / Profile Builder 3 / License. Enter the email and license key you already have (as mentioned in question 3 above).
5. After installing Profile Builder 3, what is the next thing to do? How can I draw like you?
  • Profile Builder 3 is just a tool. You also need profiles (or templates) for it.
  • These profiles are made by us and sold at this website. You can access it and choose the profile that suits you.
6. How to buy your profiles?
There are the following ways to buy:
  • Purchasing via Payhip (require Paypal account)
  • Transfer money to our Paypal (not subject to tax):
  • Bank payment (for Vietnamese only)
7. What kind of file are your profiles?
My profiles are just plain Sketchup files (skp files). However, these files should not be opened in Sketchup, but should only be opened from the Profile Builder 3 plugin dialog.

8. Where do I put these profiles, in which folder?
You can put them anywhere you want. However, I think that you should put them in the folder containing your 3D models, and create a separate folder named Smart Profile to contain them. You should also set the default path to these folders for easy access (in the Preference section of Profile Builder).

9. After that, how do I use them? How to draw like you?
You follow the steps as follows:
  • Open Sketchup.
  • Go to: Extensions / Profile Builder 3 / Assembly Dialog.
  • Click the Assembly Browser button on the window that appears (the button with a magnifying glass).
  • Go to the directory containing the profiles that you have downloaded. If you have set the default path, then just press the Home button.
  • Select the profile you want to use.
  • If the file has been successfully loaded, the corresponding thumbnail image will appear on the Assembly Dialog window. Click the Build Assembly button at the bottom of the window to draw.
  • Note: most of my profiles must be drawn in a certain direction (from left to right or right to left) or may have to be drawn on a horizontal plane (the plane created by red and green axes) then rotate back, even though your object should have been drawn on a vertical plane. This has been set up since the creation of the file and you MUST follow. If you do it differently, the results you receive will not be as expected. You should carefully watch the instructional drawing video that comes with the product (which is attached to the product at the link on the Payhip page at the time you buy it), and do so, before any other testing.
10. I encountered some error message while loading file
Here are some common errors and how to fix them:
  • Do not show any profile. There are two possibilities:
    • You are selecting the wrong folder. Please check the link carefully.
    • You use the crack version of Profile Builder. Download a different version of crack, or buy directly from the publisher.
  • If the profile shows up without thumbnails:
    • You have selected Profile Dialog instead of the Assembly Dialog. Please select again according to the instructions above.
    • You are using files that are higher than your Sketchup. Please download the lower version of the file, or ask the person to convert it to the lower version for you. You can also use the Eneroth plugin to downgrade the version yourself.
    • You are mistakenly selecting the __MacOSX folder. There are also some files here but only junk files with 0KB capacity. This is the automatically generated junk folder during my file compression (because I use Mac OS). You can skip or delete this folder.
  • If you select a file that says “Selected Component is not a valid assembly and cannot be loaded” error may be due to one of the following reasons:
    • You are using file version that are higher than your Sketchup version. See instructions above.
    • You are using Profile Builder 2, instead of Profile Builder 3. All of my files are mostly used on Profile Builder 3, because it has more advanced features than Profile Builder 2.
    • You use the crack version of Profile Builder. Download a different version of crack, or buy directly from the publisher.
  • If you select a file that says “The SKP file selected does not appear to represent a valid Profile. Ensure that the SKP file only contains one face or polyline” error may be due to the following reason:
    • You are using the Profile Dialog instead of the Assembly Dialog.
    • On the toolbar of Profile Builder 3, Profile Dialog is the first button from left, and Assembly Dialog is the second button.
    • In our products, there are some products in the Profile form, some in Assembly form, so depending on the case need to use the correct Dialog.
11. Are your profiles guaranteed? If an error occurs, what to do?
My profiles are backed by a lifetime warranty. After buying, you will be instructed in detail how to use and will be solved problems (if any) during use.

12. How many profiles do you have? On what topics?
On our product page there are many profile templates in every categories. These are the profiles that are used to build the roofs, doors, windows, stairs, tables, chairs, cornices, mouldings … Every day we continue to create many new profiles.

13. Can I customize, modify or change your profile?
There are several types of customization like this:
  • If you want to stretch, use the Curic Stretch plugin, which is quite effective.
  • You can change the height (or shape) of any Profile, in two ways: using Sketchup’s built-in Scale tool, or using the Curic Stretch plugin, as shown in the following video:
  • If you want to edit, delete, change, move components inside: just open my profile (component form) and manually edit it.
  • If you want to quickly change the entire component into another component: you can refer to the Component Replacer plugin.
  • But all of these are corrections AFTER the object is completely created. If you want to edit directly into the structure of my profile, meaning that when you draw a path it will automatically draw the new component you specify, this is a bit difficult. It requires you to have a good understanding of the Profile Builder plugin system, and also to fully understand the structure of the profile you create.
14. Can I order samples according to my own needs?
We accept custom made samples according to your needs. Please contact me for a specific quote. There are always two prices:
  • The Public price is lower (you allow me to sell this product to others)
  • The Private price will be higher (we will keep the product copyright for you). We are committed to the highest security conditions for your products, and can guarantee that by contract (if you deem necessary).
In addition, if you have a sample Sketchup file for the product to be done, the cost of implementation will be lower than the case without (we have to create everything from scratch).

15. Is there a discount code for the products you sell?
You can follow our Facebook Page to be provided with discount codes (if any). In addition, if you have ever purchased from us and met the conditions in section 16, then even though you are not an agent, you will still enjoy the same lifetime promotion policy.

16. I want to become your reseller of your profile products. Do you have any preferential policies for agents?
We will apply agency policy for those who have purchased at least 3 products with prices from $ 5 and up. Then you will become our official agent. The discount policy for agents is as follows:
  • In the beginning, I will give you a discount with a starting rate of 30%.
  • When you sell $ 250 in sales, I will raise the discount to 40%.
  • And the discount will be 50% when you reach $ 500 revenue.
17. Besides your site, is there any other place selling similar profiles?
No. We are currently the only place to sell these profiles worldwide.

18. I also created some similar products to yours. Can I submit these products for sale on your site?
Of course you can. We always welcome developers from everywhere involved. When you submit products to our website, you will be supported with marketing and advertising costs. We will charge a certain fee (30%) based on your selling price. Please contact us for specifics.

19. What rights do I have with files I have purchased?
You have full rights to use those files for your design projects or your company. However you are not allowed to:
  • Exchange, copy for others.
  • Resell these products for profit.
  • Claiming to be these products is yours.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (56KB)
  • PDF (73KB)

[SP16] Full set of highway profiles


[SP39] Full set of wall mouldings


[SP52] Full set of Modern Railings


[SP81] Car Parking


[SP29] Spring and chain


[SP19] Draw shelter roofs in a flash


[SP11] Full set of windows for Sketchup


[SP41] Brazilian Roadway (14m)


[SP82] Traffic Safety Barrier


[SP38] Full set of classic ceilings