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Mindset Mastery for Show Excellence!

A 6 month programme for Dog Agility Enthusiasts wanting to improve their and their dog's performance

This is for you if:

  • You want to achieve more with your dog
  • You struggle to keep a clear head at a competition
  • You lose focus on the course
  • Your mind goes blank on the start line
  • Your dog behaves differently at a show compared to training
  • You want to enjoy competing but find it emotionally exhausting!

This 6 month programme will empower you to improve these areas and build your confidence through the support of the trainers & the group.

Suitable for experienced handlers wanting to rethink and improve their show experience as well as complete newbies to the competitive environment.

Available online or in person to ensure anyone can join us and make the changes they want and need!!

In Person and Virtual Training Options

We want to make this course accessible to as many people as possible so there will be monthly in person sessions (dates below) & also videos of the key areas to allow those further afield to benefit. We would advise to get the most from this course that you attend the practice event in person!

Course Dates:

  1. Sun 16 Oct 22 - 10am - 12pm - Mindset Ninja
  2. Sat 23 Oct 22 - 10am - 12pm - Goal Setting
  3. Sun 20 Nov 22 - 10am - 12pm - Focus & Flow Zone
  4. Sun 11 Dec 22 - 10am - 12pm - Pre-Show Preps
  5. Sun 15 Jan 23 - 10am - 12pm - Ringside Routine
  6. Sun 19 Feb 23 - 10am - 12pm - Course Walking
  7. Sun 12 Mar 23 - 10am - 3pm - Practice Event!

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3 Month Payment Plan

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Launch price Early Bird £195 spread over 3 equal monthly payments of £65