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Music In His Soul By Amerine Graham

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Nate is the one brother who has absolutely no talent in the music department and he is quite content with his life which is going according to plan – business school followed by a career at the family’s billion-dollar music business. He is in charge of legal affairs, finances and developing the company strategies. The one thing in his life that did not go as planned was his love life, as the bride ran away with a musician who was going to play at his own wedding. Nate is never looking for talent, moreover – he is never interested in it. Let his brothers deal with that aspect of the family business, he is safe in the world of numbers and paperwork. There is no place for men in Anna’s disaster of a life – even for a handsome and meticulously organized man, who craves to bring order into that mess. Nate believes he can cope with a kid and a business that is seemingly on the verge of collapse. What he for sure will not handle is finding out his woman is also into music. He’d prefer to see a legion of men in Anne’s bedroom instead of that old acoustic guitar. Will he be selfish enough to break her dreams for the sake of his own personal happiness or will he find the courage to support her and maybe find that there is music in his soul?
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