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Welcome to Caregiver Coaching, where compassionate support meets personalized guidance for those navigating the unique challenges of caring for individuals with Autism. Shanel is a dedicated and experienced coach that understands the intricate needs of both caregivers and individuals on the Autism Spectrum. She aims to empower caregivers with knowledge, skills, and emotional resilience.

To ensure services align seamlessly with your needs, a complimentary 15-minute initial consultation is offered for all Caregivers seeking support. This allows for a better understanding of your specific concerns, discuss your goals, and outline a personalized coaching plan that suits your unique situation.

Although Shanel has extensive experience with behaviors and other needs, the primary focus for Caregiving Coaching is to help provide support to you directly as a Caregiver. However, you're welcome to discuss your overall concerns and support will be provided with self-paced training, referrals and other resources.

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Shanel Tarrant-Simone

Mom of Adult Autistic Twins and Former Special Educator with almost a decade of Behavior Support experience.