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Learn English 365 days a year

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Do you want to befcome a fluent English speaker?

thanks for trying:

Learn English 365 days a year

It is a program to learn and be fluent in a language.

It's called endless conversations.

The scripts were taken from movies.

Read a day at a time for 3 minutes.

This one is English.


"One Year of Scripts"
Speak any language immediately!
Be fluent fast and permanently!


By Ben Arnold (AnaEzine)
and James Wilson (AnaEzine)

1,017 pages (210,300 words)
Contains 365 scripts

"These scripts give you 3 things: Maintains your fluency if you're already fluent. Makes you fluent very quick if you're not already fluent. Improves your accent and gives you constant improvement even after you're fluent!"

It works.  After a while your mind remembers and understanding comes.

Give it a try. 

Get the daily scripts free by going to:
Scripts 2022 (

You will get a RTF (2MB) file