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Fowl Play: Book 6 in the Juniper Junction Cozy Holiday Mystery Series

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Lilly Carlsen hates the idea of anyone spending Thanksgiving alone, so she invites four near-strangers to the feast. But if she’d known two of her guests would later wind up murdered, she would have eaten dinner by herself with all the shades pulled down.  

And if she had dreamed she would become a suspect after finding the first body, she might have skipped Thanksgiving altogether. 

When the first murder occurs, it’s Lilly who finds the body, and the suspicions of the officer in charge of the case fall squarely on her shoulders. And just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, there’s another murder, this one much closer to home.  
Lilly’s got a lot on her plate. 
There’s plenty of motive to go around this Thanksgiving, and if Lilly can’t clear her name and figure out who’s responsible for the murders, she risks spending the holidays behind bars … or worse.
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