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POEMS is an Urban Gospel experience that makes a praiser dance, a mourner laugh and a quitter start all over again. It is a musical reflection of a Christian’s walk through current events and times. The project   brilliantly expresses Rahming’s deep faith and devotion which has been the cornerstone of his recordings.
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Songs Included

  1. Throw Your Hands Up
  2. All Around Me
  3. Holy, Holy
  4. It's All Good
  5. One Day At A Time
  6. Do What Is Right (With What's Left)
  7. Poems
  8. Only One
  9. How U Gonna
  10. Total Yielded Vessel (Poems Part 2)
  11. If I Never Told You So
  12. The Love Of God
  13. When The Sun Comes Shining
  14. Got 'Em On The Run
  15. Sometime