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What Are the Results of the Establishment of Secular Humanism Antidisestablishmentarianism Serial Volume 4

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A warning to stop allowing Secularism to take over our lives and our country before we lose our faith, our freedom, and our future. In some form, rule by man and dismissal of God, coupled with violence toward dissenters, has existed since the Fall of Man. Emperor worship is an ancient form of secularism that spans the globe in historical governments. The appalling indifference to human life in ancient cultures parallels the attempt to disregard God, who made man in His image. The targeting of anyone who does not worship man, and particularly believers, for violence, is necessary because they are the enemy of secularist supremacy. Accusing Christians of being the violent ones, like Nero did when he set Rome ablaze, marginalizes them and their God most effectively.
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