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How To Kick Start A Happier Self Image with 20 Little Lifts + BONUS PACK

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How to Kick Start A Happier Self Image with 20 Little Lifts.  As an holistic image and style coach I teach women how to be more accepting of themselves and gain more clothing confidence, however, one's journey to achieving this covers many other important aspects than just clothes. 

Happiness is an inside job and knowing where to start and what sort of things to implement can be tricky.  So i have given you a plethora of exercises and ideas from which to start from so you can work through them at your own leisure.  

It's the little things in life that usually make the biggest impact so by starting small you can switch the button on in your mind to nurture yourself and your time so that you begin to appreciate all that you are and all that you have.  Rome wasn't built in a day but consistency is key, so take your time but do practice mindful and positive actions as often as possible.  Enjoy x

Oh and as an extra thank you there is a BONUS PACK of Positive Printables that you can place in areas around your home, office or sacred space to start planting those seeds of affirmation and acceptance everywhere you look.  Where focus goes, energy flows.   Thanks for investing in yourself.  Sara x
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