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Boland The Beginning

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Imagine the everyday meeting the impossible, and get ready for adventure in the pages of Boland The Beginning.

Eleven-year-old Frost is miserable when she and her mother move to tiny Port Elwood on the east coast of Canada. But between her new friend Vera, and their creepy teacher Mr. Roland, things soon get very interesting.

Vera takes Frost to Boland, a place – a Way of World – that just can’t exist. Nor can the people. Peace-loving people like Lars, Flyer and Dal, who all have extraordinary ‘powers of mind’.

But this impossible place is real, and it turns out that Mr. Roland isn’t just a creepy teacher. He’s Loki, a renegade from Boland, and he and his pal have plans for Boland and Port Elwood. Dark plans.

Frost soon learns that there’s much more to her new life than just moving after her parents’ divorce: she, Vera and Dal, are a key part of the struggle to stop the renegades.

Adventure, excitement, and just being a kid, combine to keep readers turning the pages of Boland The Beginning. Suggested for readers aged 10 and up.
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