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Get the boxset of the hottest dragons in Chicago.

Omen club the upscale night club to the upper echelons in the supernatural society. These dragons are sure to fulfil your sexual curiosity . Kick up your feet and read about three different dragons with one thing in common, love.


Book 1 Dragon Burn

What I thought would be the perfect murder, quickly turned into a beautiful disaster.
The mission is simple. Find my target. Gut her like a fish. In and out and I'm home free. That's the plan until an intense glare catches my attention. A few drinks and some harmless flirting with a handsome stranger changes everything. My target is his fiancee and that spells trouble for me.


Book 2 Dragon Love

I rescued her. In return, she captured my heart.
I'm the north side's best potion dealer. Everyone in Chicago knows. What I'm not is a thief, but when a handsome dragon rescues me from a thirsty vampire's clutches, what I want most is the one thing I can't have. But I won't let that stop me because our chemistry is enough to make my head spin and my heart swell.


Book 3 Dragon Curse

I shared my bed; he stole my heart.
I'm so over supernatural men. I need fun and excitement, not another boring ass relationship.
When Daniel comes along, my immediate response is NO WAY.
But there's something about him—something that makes me question my newfound stance, so I give in to my desires.
I just hope giving in won't blow up in my face.
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