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FREED I Am Mp3 (Get FREED from Addictions)

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This is a very effective and powerful audio affirmation that has been used successfully by many to help get freed from various forms of addition such as cigarettes, vaping, drugs, alcohol, sexual promescuity, porn, eating disorders, gaming etc.

For best results, play every night just before going to bed for at least 45 consecutive days. Results may be gradual. Continue daily no matter how small or large the breathrough until healing is complete and the addiction is overcome/broken.

Develop better relationships. First with yourself, then with others.

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Running Time 30 minutes.

DISCLAIMER: This audio is not designed to replace any form of therapy or rehab, but can be used as a first step or in conjunction with a certified therapist/rehabilitation center. Past results by do not guarantee future success by other users of this audio. Use at your discretion.

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