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Guarding the Truth

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Madeline Cooper is a disgruntled, wealthy graduate student who finds herself sequestered at a Midwest university under a secret identity while awaiting the capture of her dangerous attacker.

Her new neighbor, Parker Phillips, is a hunk who leaves her frustrated night after night. He also turns out to be a private agent secretly hired to protect her.

Although Parker’s entire world is upside down with his need to possess Madeline, he tries to reign in his feelings and focus on the job. Unsuccessful in his efforts, their passion is unleashed in a long, steamy night.

All hell breaks loose in the morning when the secrets between them are revealed and the two find themselves on the run. Hiding out in the mountains, they are faced with the task of overcoming their vastly different upbringings, forgiving the lies and secrets their relationship was founded on, and taking advantage of the sensual hot springs to reinvent their relationship.

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