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Analysis of UniCredit AGM of 15 April 2021

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Ordinary Agenda
1. Approval of the 2020 financial statements
2. Allocation of 2020 net result of the parent company UniCredit SpA
3. Increase of the legal reserve
4. Elimination of so-called "negative reserves" for components not subject to change by means of their definitive coverage
5. Distribution of a dividend from profit reserves
6. Authorizations to purchase treasury shares aimed at Shareholders' remuneration
7. Determination of the number of members of the Board of Directors
8. Appointment of the Board of Directors
9. Determination of the remuneration of Directors
10. Appointment of a substitute Statutory Auditor
11. 2021 Group Incentive System
12. 2021 Group Remuneration Policy
13. Group Termination Payments Policy
14. Advisory vote on the 2020 Remuneration Report
15. Authorization to purchase and dispose of treasury shares for the purpose of delisting the UniCredit shares from the Warsaw Stock Exchange
Extraordinary Agenda
1. Authorization to increase the share capital for a maximum amount of €176'024'708 to execute the 2021 Group Incentive System
2. Amendments to Art. 6 of the Bylaws ("Share capital and shares")
3. Cancellation of treasury shares with no reduction of share capital
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