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Capitalism Survival Guide

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Are you ready to reclaim your life from capitalism?

To discover your path to prosperity and purpose beyond capitalism?

And to feel better prepared to navigate life on our climate challenged planet?

We live in an era of late-stage capitalism run amok. Its thorny tendrils snake their way into every corner of existence, from the relentless grind of the 9-to-5 workweek to the constant push of manufactured desires. Even the air itself seems tainted by capitalism's ruthless quest for infinite growth.

Yet, a ray of hope emerges. Imagine yourself armed with the insights and tools to loosen capitalism's grip on your life. Envision yourself crafting a path aligned with your values, nurturing authentic connections, and discovering true fulfillment. This reality awaits you in the pages of the Capitalism Survival Guide.

This 60 page guide provides the inside scoop for flourishing within and beyond the economy's grasp. Consider it a treasure map, revealing twenty-five powerful yet practical strategies, resources, and journaling/reflection/discussion prompts to help you:

  • Recognize capitalism's subtle influence on your lifestyle and aspirations so you can make more intentional choices

  • Break free from the shackles of manufactured desires and discover what really makes your soul sing

  • Increase your self-sufficiency, community resilience, and social capital - your real sources of wealth

  • Unlock unexpected fulfillment and freedom through managing and directing your money, time, and attention towards building the world you envision

  • Craft a lifestyle aligned with your values no matter how chaotic the world becomes

  • And so much more!

This is not a guide to dropping out of society, but rather to dropping into the change you wish to see. Think of it as inspiration for the freedom fighters, the difference makers, the purpose seekers. It provides you with real-world insights and ideas to apply right away.

It's time to flip the script on capitalism and start writing your own story, one rich in meaning, connection, and positive impact. The Capitalism Survival Guide lights your path, revealing a life beyond corporate cages and conspicuous consumption.

The journey awaits inside this manifesto for conscious living.

Will you answer the call?

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