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at my doorstep by Tapan Mozumdar

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“Tapan Mozumdar’s writing is richly resonant with keen details of daily life. The brilliance of his haibun—chronicling his life experiences while navigating the surreal of the pandemic—gave me extraordinary insight into the heart of our collective lot while transcending the deadening angst and imprisonment that our whole world has suffered through. What I discovered, and believe you will too, is the real gift that nature provides to us when we entertain the full possibilities of solitude. His kindred humor, confessional candor, and personal levity confront and lift some of the weight of this pandemic. It is a great honor to have my photographs find a home with his writing, and I am certain that readers will find something familiar and welcome from their own lives.”

— Tom Clausen, Poet and Photographer 

at my doorstep speaks to all of us who have grown frustrated with the tedium, boredom, loneliness, and feelings of futility associated with living during a global pandemic. Through emotive storytelling and evocative poetry, he addresses the fine line between losing one’s self in isolation and staying connected to others. How do we escape this mad reality and yet stay grounded? Ultimately, as this poet suggests, by any means we can.” 

— Terri L. French, Poet and Editor

About the Author:

Tapan Mozumdar (b. 1966) is a little this and a little that. Forever a dabbler, he is an Electrical Engineer by education and a construction project management specialist by profession. Settled in Bengaluru, India with his family, Tapan ventured into English creative writing as a gift to himself on his fiftieth birthday. His stories have been published in several Indian and international journals such as Kitaab, Cafe Dissensus, Spark, and Tell me your story among others. His work has been showcased at major literature festivals in India and he was also awarded by The Times of India for the Write India 2 contest. His translation of poems by the renowned Kamal Choudhury from Bangladesh was published in 2019. He got inducted into the haikai world during the pandemic last year, and after taking a couple of workshops with Kala Ramesh, has been publishing his haibun and haiku in leading journals, including Contemporary Haibun Online, Under the Basho, and Sonic Boom.
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