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Amber O'neal And Santana Garrettt vs Jessie Belle And Allie Parker

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(Women’s Tag Team Match, Old School, Floor Fighting, Weapons, KO Ending)

It’s an old school tag team clash of personalities in “Southern Sassafrass vs The Superheroines”, as Jessie Belle and Allie Parker battle Santana Garrett & Amber O’Neal in a hard fought and at times wild encounter! There’s a lot of pride at stake among these four! In a bout that finishes with a well-earned KO, which team is able to put the other down for the count?

Can’t beat some old fashioned tag team action! No bullshitting here, just pure wrestling goodness between two teams that really want a win!


Armbar, Belly Punching, Big Boots, Bite (Hand), Choking (Boot & Scarf), Clotheslines (Regular & Running), Double Stinkface, Flying Forearm, Forearms, Front Facelocks, Full Nelson, Hair Attacks (Hairpulling), Hammerlock, Handsweep, Head Ramming (Corner), Headbutting (Mid-Section), Kicking, Knee, Meeting of the Minds, Outside Attack (Pull Off The Apron), Reverse Chinlock, Rope Attacks (Throws Through & Eye Rake), Side Headlock, Superkick, Wristlocks
You will get a MP4 (672MB) file
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