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A married factory worker confronts his feelings as they bubble to the surface, two boxers fight for more than just keeps, a countryside coming out doesn't quite go to plan, while at the beach a boy makes an unreal discovery. Come and explore a thoroughly Dutch view on life and love in these five exciting short films from the Netherlands.

VIDEO FILE: 1hr 38mins HD mp4 with burnt-in English subtitles

THE DUTCH BOYS features the following short films:

BRICK (Steen) dir. Viktor van der Valk
Jeffrey lives in a small Dutch town with his father and his pregnant girlfriend, his life seemingly mapped out with certainty. Working at the local brick factory, he is instructed to supervise new arrival Kevin. Everything Jeffrey was certain about suddenly doesn't seem so concrete.

SOUTH OF HEAVEN (Ten Zuiden van de Hemel) dir. Marco van Bergen
Elias, a student at the Amsterdam conservatory of musical arts, returns to his family in his religious hometown to celebrate his birthday. When he finds his boyfriend Jasper at the family home as a birthday surprise, Elias appears to have hidden the truth about himself from his boyfriend, as well as from his god-fearing mother and brother.

LUKAS BY THE SEA (Lukas aan Zee) dir. Jordi Wijnalda
During a seemingly endless night, Lukas attempts to find a connection with whomever he encounters, from online porn cams to empty streets to seedy bars. As we follow him from one state of mind and night partner to the next, the night seems almost never-ending, until the sun rises and Lukas realises the true value of companionship.

DANTE VS. MOHAMMED ALI dir. Marc Wagenaar
When Wolf refuses to fight his best friend Alexander during a weekly boxing match, the whole village turns against him. He tries to convince Alexander to join him in leaving the village, but his overly romantic message runs into a wall.

BEAUTIFUL ALEXANDER (Mooie Alexander) dir. Marc Wagenaar
One sweltering summer, from his window Alexander spies a boy on a diving board in the distance. Lacking the courage to go to him, he dances alone in his room, until his steps draw him across the sands outside, and eventually, to the boy on high. Climbing the ladder, he asks the boy: "Would you dare to jump if there were water?"
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