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Broken Spirits

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A man on the run from his past…

After serving three tours in Afghanistan, ex-army captain Lincoln Barrington is a broken man.

After witnessing too many times the atrocities of war, the needless death of innocent people and the fact two decades of fighting has amounted to nothing with the enemy now back in charge, Lincoln is battle worn, bitter and angry at the world. Plagued by soul-destroying nightmares and painful flashbacks, every day is a struggle. He can’t see his way out of the blackness that is slowly consuming him…

Escaping to a remote farmhouse in the country is his only hope. There he yearns to give his mind and body the chance to rest, rejuvenate and heal from the wounds inflicted by Afghanistan.

Doctor Zoe Parker is a child psychologist. Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of needy children finding their way to her door, she takes a break from her private practice in Sydney in search of the peace and tranquillity offered by a stay in the country. When her car breaks down a mile from where Lincoln is holed up, he grudgingly offers her a bed for the night.

Zoe is immediately attracted to the mesmerizing stranger, but she’s also concerned for Lincoln’s mental well-being. It is obvious the man is suffering, but every attempt she makes to reach out and connect with him is rudely rebuffed. Determined not to give up, Zoe uses all the tools at her disposal to help him through the darkest time of his life.

What follows is a remarkable love story of two people. One battered and bruised by war and the other from the challenges of modern society.

Can love and patience and understanding make two broken people become whole…?

Start reading USA Today bestselling author Chris Taylor’s latest Barrington Family story today!
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