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Europa | RackExtension - Random PADS

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* the preview file contains 250 random patches.

Patches for the Europa Rack Extension, by Reason Studios.

This refill contains 4250 random generated "PADS". By the true nature of randomness, occasionally patches may be very quiet or loud, be aware.

Osc_1_2_3_Pads_BankA (500 Patches)
Osc_1_2_3_Pads_BankB (500 Patches)
Osc_1_2_3_Pads_BankC (500 Patches)
Osc_1_2_3_PadsRndPan_BankD (500 Patches)
Osc_1_2_3_PadsRndPan_BankE (500 Patches)
Osc_1_2_3_PadsRndPan_BankF (500 Patches)
Osc_1_2_3_PadsRndPan_BankG (500 Patches)
Osc_1_2_3_PadsRndPan_BankH (750 Patches)

Osc_1_2_3 : All 3 Oscillators are active.
PadsRndPan : Every key will be randomly panned for more ambient experience.


You will get a RFL (130MB) file

The Legend Re | 4750 Patches


Europa | RackExtension - Random Patches