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Ariessy is just shy of her 18th birthday and navigating life with more challenges than the average teenager. She is a Seiva, one of many magical beings created by Freyja; ordered to protect Mother Earth and remain hidden from humanity.

Since she was very young, her nan, Isobel, has warned her to stay away from the Veurrulfar; Odin's wolf-shifters from Nidavellir. They were created to protect humanity from other supernatural races - and they won't make any exceptions for her.

While struggling to come to terms with her father’s growing illness, questions arise over the death of a family friend which sets off a series of events that catapults Essy into the hands of an ancient rebel coven hell-bent on culling the human population.

When the Veurrulfar meet Essy, something about her gives them pause. What she doesn't know is that Isobel is keeping a secret because she's terrified of losing Essy if the wolves find out the truth - and they will.

"The blend of existing mythology and the magic system created by Arthur makes for a riveting story. Ariessy of Midgard is an emotional fantasy adventure story that expertly hits all the right notes for young adult fantasy fans." LT"


For readers who enjoy:
Urban fantasy, action & adventure, coming of age, fantasy & magic, Norse fantasy, magical realism, mystery, slow-burn romance, young-adult fantasy.
Audience Adult, young adult.
Explicit language or sex
Wales, United Kingdom.
LGBTQ characters
Some supporting.
It is the first of two books, but can be read as a standalone story.
£1.99 / Paperback £8.95 

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Customer Reviews

Tracey B.

2 months ago

I loved this book

I really enjoyed this book, loved the storyline and the characters..I sometimes get confused with too many different names and characters but this was an easy to read and follow, great for teens and adults alike. I'm really looking forward to the second book ...very excited.
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