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"Sult" av Knut Hamsun

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The novel "Sult" was published in 1890 and is the debut of the author Knut Hamsun from the North of Norway. The story is about a young, starving artist in Kristiania (Oslo), struggling to survive and establish himself as a writer in the late 18-hundreds. The novel has been seen as a seminal work for the modernist 19-hundreds, and follows the main character living an exhausting life both psychologically and physically whilst trying to make a living for himself, and Knut Hamsun has later stated that the story is partly written with a basis in his own experiences as a young writer in Kristiania.

The novel has four parts, each variations over the same theme: the main character is hungry, but lacks money for food. His mind is gradually deteriorating, but he always gets help and money from other people, and survives. The opening sentence of the novel has become iconic in the literary history of Norway's capital: "It was during those days when I walked around in hunger in Kristiana, this wondrous city no one leaves before it has put a mark on one self..."

This edition is primarily for use with the Practice Norwegian Podcast and the Member Podcast at, with slightly modernised language and adjusted from the original version from its first publication.
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