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How can I earn money from Google keyword ranking?

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If you are new to blogging or digital marketing it might be hard to understand how the top online earning websites make money, this page may help enlighten you

I have been working on the net for many years, but like most people new to the industry I made mistakes. However, everything changed when I read an article about SEO for internet marketers. These marketers were getting their blog content and landing pages onto the first page in the search engines within a few days. I was fascinated and needed to know how the hell they were doing it.

After a month of browsing the internet I came across two systems that I am still using today. One was a training platform that I will discuss now and the other was a Wordpress plugin I will mention later. These platforms are where my journey began and how I have managed achieve a six figure income in just a few years. The training platform I am referring to is call Google Sniper also know as Gsniper or GS.

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