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Practical React + ASP.NET Core Web API

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These days it seems you're expected to know javascript as an ASP.NET developer.

It's not enough to know your way around C#, MVC or Razor Pages. If you don't "get" javascript you're destined to to sit on the sidelines, watching from afar as all the best (and best paid) jobs go to someone else.

But boy does javascript like to make things difficult for you. It's not just the language (with its endless peculiarities and gotchas) but the entire ecosystem...

Can it be true, to get even the simplest React feature up and running, you need to learn webpack, state management, node/npm, even Typescript?

And that's just the frontend.

Sprinkle in some API concerns like dependency injection, ORMs, REST and it's hard to see how anyone ever gets anything built!

All you need is a few hours

Let's face it, online courses are a mixed affair.

Sometimes they rush you through all the basics at breakneck speed, quickly ramping up the complexity and leaving you trailing in their dust.

Other times you sit down to watch the course, full of expectation and anticipation, only for it to slowly dawn on you that each video is an interminable slog through endless, tedious details and generalizations, never quite getting to the point.

Practical React.js and ASP.NET Core tackles both these problems;

  • 39 bite-sized videos; short, concise and to the point
  • Simplified explanations for core concepts (like React State and Dependency Injection)
  • Practice exercises to really ram home everything you'll learn
You will get a TXT (592B) file
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