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One Wish (e-book files & uninterrupted audio)

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You get the e-book files (EPUB for most devices and MOBI for kindles), plus a special pdf version to print at home with room to add illustrations, AND the full audio file without any interruptions (ads, intros, etc)--hear the story from start to finish while you read along. 

(FANTASY) - Holokai has a golden coin that, when he casts it into the magical well, will grant him a single wish by their god, Ekewaka. In fact, all the children on the islands are born with these coins. It’s an amazing miracle, yet Holokai is stuck and unable to think of a wish. His friends and everyone his age have already cast their coins into the well, and Holokai is afraid he’ll never think of a wish. However, an accident will force Holokai to come to terms with what he wants and move beyond the events from his past that are holding him back. With the help of the energetic and quirky, Ekewaka, Holokai will face his deepest fears and long-held pain.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (139KB)
  • MP3 (63MB)
  • MOBI (5MB)
  • EPUB (2MB)