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Loving Winter Like You're Nordic Course

How to love and embrace the hardest of the seasons in a way that is joyful and fun

Loving Winter Like You're Nordic

You want to get outside and enjoy the winter. You want to understand how to love winter and embrace it in a gentle and hygge way. 

But where to start?! How do you even begin?

You want to know...

  • How to embrace the cold months without it being a chore
  • How to bring light and nature into the winter months
  • How to enjoy being outside in the winter
  • How to stay warm and dry
  • How to make friends and avoid loneliness

If you don't learn to at least get along with winter in Scandinavia you can find yourself miserable and stuck inside for 6 months of the year, so after a few winters of misery I made a conscious effort and learned all those skills and secrets that Scandinavians learn from birth. 

Imagine being so prepared and comfortable (and excited!) about winter that you not only breeze through is effortlessly, but actually look forward to next winter.

Yes, it can be done. I know, because I have done it

Join the course NOW and start loving winter

What is Loving Winter Like You're Nordic?

It's a practical, four part online course to help you love winter deeply in an authentically Nordic way..

I will show you:

How to prepare yourself for winter both mentally and physically

Velvære (Nordic wellbeing) which is crucial at this time of year

Finding beauty at a time of year when everything seems grey and dead

Coping with difficulties like harsh weather condition but also isolation and friendships

My own tips and secrets to remove barriers to enjoying winter

Worksheets with each module to help you embrace winter even more

This is a self study course that you can dip in a out of whenever you want. You can binge on the whole thing in one evening, or take your time with each module. The choice is your's!

Once you buy the course you have lifetime access online and you can download the worksheets that go with each module and save them for later. 

No time to read and study? Don't worry. You can use the bits that are most relevant to you right now and use the rest of it when you want.

What people are saying

I must say that I am embracing winter in the Northwoods of Wisconsin with the help of Fiona’s new online course! It was worth the entire price of admission just to hear her voice LIVE, full of enthusiasm, spirit, and encouragement!

Dawn, USA

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Loving Winter Like You're Nordic course


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