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Why should you join? I have been making wreaths for over 12 years now and will share this knowledge with you. As I continue to grow so will you. I am the creator of the Jackie Bow, Chateau Bow, Jackie's Weave, other unique wreath bases and I am not done yet! I am constantly thinking and creating new ways to improve my designs. Many of the members have doubled and tripled their sales using my techniques to improve the look and quality of their wreaths. What do I teach? Mesh wreaths, floral arrangements, evergreen teardrops, evergreen wreaths, grapevines, grave saddles, rails, sign making, ornaments, sewing, how to make wreath attachements and so much more than just mesh. We have fun creating unique items to make your designs stand out from the rest. From the basic design to an over the top design, it all happens here. Inspiring you how to make the most out of your materials and to think outside the box. This group takes into consideration everyone's budget and abilities. Knowing that we all don't learn the same, there is no stupid questions here! What do you get when you join? You will get one complete recorded tutorial a week that is posted on the app. As long as you are a member of the group you will have access to months of tutorials. These videos are broken down into step by step instructions which are perfect for the beginner or advanced crafter. You will also get acess to the private Facebook group for the bonus live videos and where you will find your copy of each weeks tutorial. You will also get exclusive vendor discounts and a list of my favorite vendors.

--Cancelation Policy and Commonly Asked Questions--
Q -Can I cancel at anytime?
A -If you cancel your membership is there is no refund, even IF you got a 1 year, 3 month or 6 month subscription. IF you cancel you are no longer an active member and will be immediately removed from the group. Only those on a 1 year, 3 month or 6 month subscription will be removed at the end of their contract. IF your payment becomes suspended. You will receive an email to let you know. You will be removed from the group until you restart your subscription.

Q- How do I cancel?
A- Simply log into your PayPal or Payhip account to cancel. You have control over your membership account. Simply leaving the Facebook group does NOT cancel your membership. You must cancel in Payhip.

Q- Is the payment automatic?
A- Yes. Whatever date you sign up is when the payment will automatically be taken every month, quarterly or yearly till you cancel.
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