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Zuzu LLWC (Term) "Couldn't Take the Shortcut" Gimping Struggle (HD 1920 X 1080)

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Zuzu is having a hard time in the term full leg cast she just got. They made it higher and longer giving her a pronounced gimp even using a crutch to balance herself. Worse yet she has trouble sitting down without keeping her leg out so public transportation or a car is inconvenient. Since her destination is only 15 minutes away she thinks she can walk it using a shortcut she often takes. But she finds it impossible to do on the steep slippery incline with her cast and she has no choice but to take the long way on a very hilly part of town. Her naked toes are getting very cold in the early winter weather and when she bends down to feel them they are like ice. So she socks them with a wooly sock but she doesn't like the look or that it is dragging on the floor and she pulls it off within about half a minute ad continues her gimping struggle. Lots of very good one crutch gimping in this one with a nice amount of closeups as well. Definitely one for guys that like seeing gimping girls on the street.

TIME: 13 Mins
SIZE: 898 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
UPDATE: 10/18/21

You will get a MP4 (1GB) file

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