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vMix Layer Copy and Paste Utility

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Obsolete for V26 !

A Utility (Autohotkey based) allowing the copying and pasting of  a vMix Input Layer Position Settings using the mouse ( right click and select option) or Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V keypress.
The keypress option can be deactivated for individual setting use

All Layer Position Settings are copied except for the Border Color.

Positions can be copied between layers and inputs

The utility runs in the background once loaded.


- Launch the vMixLayerCopy.exe   (right click on its tray icon to select to exit/close) 
- Open Input Settings (cogwheel below input)
- Select the Position Tab (IMPORTANT)
- Select a layer 
- Right click mouse and select Copy from menu or Use Ctrl-C to copy the current settings.
- Select other layer ( same or different input).
- Right click mouse and select Paste from menu or Use Ctrl-V to Paste the copied  settings.

Now Including:
    Use of mouse for copy/paste within script editor (and between external editor) possible

Make sure you have selected the POSITION tab of the input configuration  window for proper operation!

Use at OWN RISK During Production setup ...NOT during actual production !
Tested on V24.0.0.71/72 - V25 . 
You will get a EXE (770KB) file

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