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3D printed quick link. yes surprisingly not only do the work but they work shockingly well. PLA is truly an amazing material.

OBVIOUSLY use your logic and reason and do a sanity check. ie don't try to use these to attach safety chains from your trailer. your going to have a bad day.

hang a plant? yes a kite? yes sure. hang decorations? outside lights? yes yes attach laundry to your model rockets up to smaller high power birds? YES more than strong enough.

WOOD PLA seems to be the best. it has some flex to it. ie you have to BEND IT to install the closure stiffer plastics are much harder to bend (for some I have to use 2 screw drivers to wedge it open) and some SHATTER when you do this. wear your PPE. you only have two eyes.

You will get a ZIP (15MB) file