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General Life Enhancement Factors

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In the world of today many people go through a lot of problems that have really diminished their standard of living considerably. There are many things as discussed in this book which can make a big difference in changing the situation of an average individual from the lowest to the highest level of human existence.

Take for instance, the environment or accommodation one finds himself could be the person's major cause of frustration. Poverty and sometimes ignorance have been attributed as reasons why some people live in certain areas which are hazardous to their health. But is that enough excuse for such a dangerous and harmful risk?

This very educative book (General life enhancement factors) covers many areas of importance, which can make people live a better life and put smiles on their faces. Some of the interesting topics are on quality and good environment, healthy living tips, turning around situations, better management of income, taming hiccups in certain dealings and many more. 
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