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KJJ Financial Services Credit Repair eBook

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Hey everyone! 

The Author of this book name is Janay Washington. Who has a passion for helping others take their lives to the next level though credit repair.

DIY Credit Repair is Achievable. This ebook will teach you everything there is to know about reparing either your or someone else's credit.

Credit was not taught to us so I've done all the research, narrowed down the most important parts and put it into an ebook just for you.

For millions of Americans, the main issue that separates them from their dream job, dream house or dream car is their credit.

I understand that everyone do not want to hire a credit repair specialist and rather do it on their own. If so this is for YOU! 

This ebook will teach you the following (but is not limited to):

  • Understanding What Is Credit
  • How to Read a Credit Report 
  • How to Establish Credit 
  • The Credit Repair Secrets AND MORE! 
This book will help you understand credit and process to increasing your scores with all 3 credit bureaus. 




You will get a PDF (38MB) file
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