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Handbook - Calm, Confident & Effective: Leadership Strategies for High Conflict Situations

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"Why are people behaving so badly!? I don't understand what is wrong with everyone!"

Sound familiar? You are not alone in wondering what is happening with people's behaviour lately and why high conflict situations are on the rise.

Trying to make sense of the onslaught of bad behaviour in the workplace is a common thought these days, but there IS a reason behind it, and there ARE strategies to help you deal with it in a calm, confident and efficient way. 

In this handbook, you will:

✅ develop strategies to stay calm,
✅ better understand why other people behave badly,
✅ develop strategies to help calm other people in high conflict situations,
✅ be able to plan for a conversation to communicate clearly and effectively, reduce your threat response, reduce other people's threat response and, 
✅ develop a full plan to stay calm and effective while having a high conflict conversation.

Walk away with a full plan for staying calm and effective while having a high-conflict conversation. You've got this!
You will get a PDF (2MB) file
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